Thursday, August 9, 2012

Milk Art with Maverick

I love finding fun activities in blogland to do with Mav. All too often they're too advanced for him (apparently only the 5-10 crowd needs entertaining) or complicated for me (let's face it, that doesn't take a lot), so it's a lot of fun when I can find something easy and amazing. Today, while Bo napped in the bouncer, that was Magic Milk Art (originally blogged here). This is super cool and all I needed was milk (yeah, always have that on hand!), liquid food coloring, a toothpick (both of which I have for cookie-ing), and dish soap (or "magic," as I called it for Mav's benefit). You just put the milk in a bowl, drop in some colors, and touch the colors with a dish-soaped toothpick. The soap messes with the milk's surface tension, sending the colors rushing all over the bowl! It's instantaneous, it's dramatic, and it was so much fun we did it again and again. He would have done it all day if I'd let him! This video shows how fast it happens and how much fun Mav had doing it!
Mav was very concerned at the end that the food coloring we'd gotten all over our hands wasn't immediately coming off.
Yet not so concerned with being messy in general that, not 10 minutes later, the window crayons made it all over the window and my little artist!


janice rampton said...

That is great! He is so cute...

Micah said...

Oh that is darling. He is a giant!