Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turkey Tri 2010

This last Saturday was Danny's last triathlon of the year. For Danny, it was perfect weather! For those of us standing still, it was a little bit chilly! But I bundled Maverick up like a burrito and he was a total champ.

This tri was a little different than most in that it was what's known as a Reverse Triathlon. You can probably guess what that means, but I'll say it anyway: the order of events is backwards from a typical tri. Run, bike, swim. They probably did it because to go swimming and then go outside, soaking wet in 40-50 degree weather would have been unwise, but it's also fairly common at other times of the year too. Anyway, Danny didn't like it. Swimming is his toughest event, so to have it last after he's already run and biked was a pain. He also just likes to get it out of the way and on to the rest of the race. Still, he had a great time and is anxious for next season to begin!

Here's pictures!

Morning of the race. It wasn't that early - probably 7-7:30 at this point - so that was nice!

The mass of people getting ready to start the run.

Off they go! Go Danny!

This run route was kinda cool because it passed the start area again before swinging around for the finish, so I got to see him about 3/4ths of the way through the run!

Off on the bike!

The swim was in the Orem Rec Center's pool. Danny had never done a pool tri before and he's...not fond of it ;-). It was just too crowded and too hard to find any kind of rhythm. You have to try to pass the slower swimmers, like on the freeway, but (also like on the freeway) the pass lane was usually occupied by someone going the same speed as the guy in the slow lane! So, it was a little tricky and he ended up walking a lot more of it than he'd wanted. (On a side note, I apologize for the horrid picture. Mav and I were watching up in the observation deck behind glass and the pool was very badly lit. This was the best i could do!)

1:15 was his total time. That included a gnarly hill on the bike that they had to take on twice and swimming in a pool filled with other racers. Yay Danny!!!