Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We have a backyard!!

Up until a week ago, our backyard was nothing but dirt. Nasty, awful dirt that was covered in dog poop, pee, and all manner of construction paraphernalia like rusty nails and screws. Fun place for our toddler to play, huh? Also a lot of fun to have our dogs come in covered in dust every time they went outside.

So Danny and I decided to do something about it! We called a landscaper, got a plan in place, and within a couple of days we had a beautiful, playable backyard!!

Here's just some progressive pictures so you can see what they did for us.

The finished product!!

The lighter gravel is very small and compacted (ignore the dog prints at the edge of the patio - they hadn't compacted it all yet and the dogs apparently had to leave their mark before they did so) so that it's really easy on the feet - a far cry from tetanus-riddled nails! The plants we got to choose ourselves and I'm so excited to see them grow and bloom because I picked most of them for their beautiful flowers! Yay green stuff! Haha! Thanks so much, Danny, for giving us a much nicer place to play "O'side!"

Maverick's Hair

You may have noticed from a few previous pictures that Mav has kind of crazy hair. There isn't a lot we can do about it - it seems to have a mind of its own! We detangle it, brush it flat, spray it with hairspray...

...and within 2 minutes it looks like this in the back:

Mornings are never complete without this little bedhead smiling at us.

Seen here in silhouette:

I think that, lately, he's gotten a little sick of me attacking him with brushes at every turn and has started sporting some pretty unusual headgear.

The Hat

(Further proof my kid is almost never fully clothed, I guess.)

And The Bike Helmet (preferred because he thinks that if he wears this constantly, Dad might take him on a bike ride!)

Maybe it's a good idea my kid wears a helmet everywhere...

We're coming to the realization that the only possible solution is to just buzz the kid's head. And hope all of the people that have previously commented on his hair at the grocery store, Costco, and the playground just won't notice that it still gets tangled and matted, no matter how short it is.