Tuesday, October 12, 2010

3 Years!!

Three years ago, Danny woke up to find that his temple bag, including his clothes and (most importantly) his recommend, were gone. They'd been stolen out of my car two days beforehand and we didn't realize until the morning of the wedding. After performing a veritable circus act of hoop-jumping, his dad (and bishop), Randy, got everything pulled through and we were able to get married.
It was a beautiful fall day, but as we all know, the wedding is possibly the smallest part of marriage. In the last three years we've faced a lot! Moving 4-5 times, tackling 3 puppies, losing one, losing a baby, buying a home, and (most importantly) successfully starting our family. Maverick is the best part of our lives now, but it all started with just the two of us - and that's one heck of a beginning!
I love you, Danny! Happy Anniversary!!