Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meet Migo!

This is Maddie! Danny and I were wandering around  Walgreen's last night and discovered this guy. He's a stuffed dog, roughly Jack's size that we names Migo, short for "amigo". We bought it, thinking we'd use him for a little behavioral experiment. When we went to bed last ngiht, we put Migo on the bed where Jack could see him. We thought the most he'd do was jump up and chuck the intruder off his spot and ignore him. But Jack got defensive! He immediately stopped in his tracks, growling and barking at the usurper! He approached carefully, almost scared - it was funny! Once he figured out it wasn't real, he found himself 
a great new toy to play with.
As a bit of a sad epilogue, Jack took ten minutes earlier today to rip out one of Migo's eyes and all of the stuffing in his head. I did my best to patch him up, so now he has some new, oddly shaped shades! We don't have high hopes for his survival, but at least he won't have to see the horrors he has to feel.