Saturday, March 29, 2008

The lovely and WARM Phoenix, AZ

We got back yesterday from our two-day trip down to Arizona. We went down to Siren Alarm, for whom we'll be a dealer this coming summer, to get trained on their systems. We got there early Thursday morning and spent the better part of the day learning all about how they run things.
We spent the night at Taylor and Becky Proudfit's. We had a wonderful time seeing our friends again and playing with Weston and Jameson. It's so fun playing with kids who love you! We were sad to leave them all and come back to chilly, windy Utah. I'm so sick of being cold...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip to California

We had a fun trip this weekend to Orange County with Maddie's family in celebration of her sister, Micah, getting married.  The whole family was there except for one couple who were violently ill and couldn't make it to the wedding or California.  
I spotted Matt Hasselbeck (QB for the Seattle Seahawks) at the baggage claim.
Later spotted John Beck (former BYU and current Miami Dolphins QB) at Disneyland

Getty Center in LA

The Fam at Disneyland

Maddie and I at Getty Center