Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One of the first questions we're asked in regards to our new Bo is "How is Maverick handling everything?"
The short answer is: Like a champ! Mav loves his new brother! He greets him every time he sees him with a gentle "Hi, Bo!" (luckily his name is easy for our still-learning toddler to say!) and plenty of kisses! He loves to show his brother off to visitors and has enjoyed the attention he gets, too. He is an amazing helper, always anxious to be a part of the action when it comes to baths, diaper changes, and meals. He likes showing Bo his books and the things that he himself is still learning about. He's such a tender hearted little boy, and we're so blessed to have them both!

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janice rampton said...

Sweet boys…can't wait to hug them both!